Marco Frade - LG Electronics Brasil

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Mídia Mobile Geolocalizada, Estratégias, Métricas e Kpi's


Marco Frade - Head of Digital, Media and PR at LG Electronics Brasil

Senior Executive with + 20 year track record of building teams and media planning that have exceeded revenue goals and surpass expectations throughout of companies. Thrives in developing and implementing media strategic business vision with experience across traditional and digital advertising plans. Strengths include cross-functional collaboration with partners, peers, clients, finance, product and Marketing to drive process and achieve goals.

Strong Business Competencies in:

Media Manager * Strategic Positioning * Business Development * Transformation Planning * Media Performance * Advertising KPIs * Programmatic & RTB Trading Desks Implement * Mobile & Video Advertising * Content Plans * Media Buying * Cross-platform Media Strategy * PR Strategies

I am a optimistic business leader who believes in negotation as a bridge to build a Golden Way and play this game in a Win-Win enviroment. Learning to adapt on the fly to rapidly evolving business challenges in complex and diverse markets is an opportunity I embrace. A persistent and problem solver with entusiasm and parcimony, I leverage my network and proficiencies to solve media and negotiation challenges, teach and build self-sufficient teams constructed to achieve great things. My experiencies with policy and compliance including government affairs brings me empowerment to treat with sensible issues.


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