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Category Definitions

Marketing within a Mobile Gaming Environment 

Gaming apps, gamification applications or e-sports activities that are either a part of a broader marketing strategy or a stand-alone brand experience. Please be specific in describing how the brand is positioned in the gaming environment.  If you have a branded gaming app, please submit to the Mobile App category.


Rafael Urenha, CCO, DPZ&T

Sergio Mugnaini, Executive Creative Director, DPZ&T

Daniel Motta, Creative Director, DPZ&T

Bruno Brazao, Creative, DPZ&T

Alex Rutman, Creative, DPZ&T

Daniel Xavier, Creative, DPZ&T

Viktor Busch, Creative, DPZ&T

Raphael Lucone, Creative, DPZ&T

Daniel Jotta, Account, DPZ&T

Eduardo Brunoro, Account, DPZ&T

Mariana Magalhaes, Account, DPZ&T

Bruna Rocha, Account, DPZ&T

Roberto Gnypek, Approval Client, McDonald's

Joao Marcos Vicente Branco, Approval Client, McDonald's

Rodrigo Moretz, Approval Client, McDonald's

Guilherme Coe, Approval Client, McDonald's

Gabriel Ferrari, Approval Client, McDonald's

Eloisa Zerneri, Approval Client, McDonald's

Fernando Diniz, Planning, DPZ&T

Guilherme Sampaio, Planning, DPZ&T

Fernanda Felicio, Planning, DPZ&T

Paulo Ilha, Media, DPZ&T

Antonio Rodrigues, Media, DPZ&T

Marcos Moura, Graphic Production, DPZ&T

Andrea Soeiro, Art Buyer, DPZ&T

Bruno Ribeiro Petito, Illustrator, Opala Rosa Choque

Opala Rosa Choque , Illustration Studio, Opala Rosa Choque

Marcos Yamamura, Projects, DPZ&T

Felipe Oliveira, Projects, DPZ&T

Guido Sarti, B.I., DPZ&T

Tathiane Pereira, B.I., DPZ&T

Fabiano Onca, Game Developer,

Superare , Technology Producer, Superare

Mauro Cavalletti, Head of Creative Shop, Brazil, Creative Strategist, Facebook

Rapha Vasconcellos, Latam Director, Creative Shop, Creative Strategist, Facebook

Mark Darcy, Chief Creative Officer, Creative Strategist,

Renata Decoussau, Creative Strategist,

Renata Rezende, Agency Partner, Facebook

Pedro Eustaquio, Client Partner, Facebook

Joao Prospero, Client Solutions Manager, Facebook

Guilherme Sacamone, Client Solutions Manager, Facebook