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Category Definitions

Mobile App

Any application that provides information, entertainment, productivity or utility for the customer. Mobile App can be part of a broader marketing strategy or a stand-alone brand experience. Both short-term apps for a specific moment in time as well as longer term apps are eligible for this category.


Rodrigo Jatene, Co-president & CCO, Grey Brasil

Adriano Matos, VP, Executive Creative Director, Grey Brasil

Bruno Brux, Creative Director, Grey Brasil

Rafael Gonzaga, Creative Director, Grey Brasil

Bruno Brux, Copywriter, Grey Brasil

Rafael Gonzaga, Copywriter, Grey Brasil

Guilherme Pinheiro, Copywriter, Grey Brasil

André Choairy, Copywriter, Grey Brasil

Tiago Pinheiro, Art Director, Grey Brasil

Marcia Esteves, Co-President, Grey Brasil

Elise Passamani, VP, Operations, Grey Brasil

Raquel Messias, VP, Planning, Grey Brasil

Thiago Franzao, VP, Media, Grey Brasil

Nathalia Beividas, Integrated Production Director, Grey Brasil

Renata Ruas, Broadcast Production Director, Grey Brasil

Robinson Silva, Print Production Director, Grey Brasil

Monique Oliveira, Project Management, Grey Brasil

Taina Monaco, Project Management, Grey Brasil

Gabriel Pinzetta, Digital Production, Reclame Aqui

Diego Campos, Digital Production, Reclame Aqui

Andre Rocha, Digital Production, Reclame Aqui

Mauricio Meirelles, Journalist, Journalist

Studio Penka, Image Producer, Studio Penka

Satelite Audio, Audio Producer, Satelite Audio

Per Pedersen, Global Creative Chairman, Grey Global

Eduardo Maruri, Regional CEO, Grey Latam

Diego Medvedocky, Regional CCO, Grey Latam

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