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Category Definitions

Mobile Search


Current research indicates that 4 out of 10 people conduct their searches exclusively on mobile during a typical day. This category showcases the ever-important campaigns that have search at their core.


Filipe Matiazi, Creative director, Mirum Agency

Robson Ortiz, VP Media and BI, Mirum Agency

Andre Prestes, Copywriter, Mirum Agency

Guilherme Rubini, Art director, Mirum Agency

Pedro Eilert, Copywriter, Mirum Agency

Mariane Nauffal, Media Analyst, Mirum Agency

Leonardo Meneghini, Community Manager, Mirum Agency

Daniela Buso, Account Executive, Mirum Agency

Paulo Setti, Producer, Mirum Agency

Gustavo Brandau, Film direction, Cuka Filmes

Melissa Sharon, Executive director, Cuka Filmes

Cesar Mattos, Sound designer, WeeDoo Music&SFX

Paulo Yanaguizawa, Digital Marketing, Warner Bros Entertainment