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Mobile Video

Mobile is quickly ascending as the dominant screen for video consumption. It’s nuanced and intimate and is proven to yield impressive results as the most effective storytelling platform, despite the small screen. The formula for success is far more complicated than a 30 second spot but also offers greater opportunities. Show us your best in class, most impactful mobile video campaigns!


Sebastian Tarazaga, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman BA

Dany Minaker, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman BA

Matias Martty, Creative Director, Wunderman BA

Juan Calvo, Creative Director, Wunderman BA

Leonardo Arnelli, Copywriter, Wunderman BA

Alejandro Coronel, Art Director, Wunderman BA

Valeria Diaz, Web Designer, Wunderman BA

Marcos Bazterrica, Web Designer, Wunderman BA

Nicolas De Michele, Social media Copywriter, Wunderman BA

Francisco Cerrutti, Social media Art Director, Wunderman BA

Laura Martinez, Production Manager, Wunderman BA

Francisco Facal, Technology Director, Wunderman BA

Barbara Laffue, Project Manager, Wunderman BA

Javier Corra, Lead Developer, Wunderman BA

Victoria Cole, Managing Director, Wunderman BA

Fabiana Antonelli, Customer Service Director, Wunderman BA

Maria Jazhal, Account Director, Wunderman BA

Paula Torres, Account Executive, Wunderman BA

La Doble A La Doble A, Production company, La Doble A

Martin Donozzo, Director, La Doble A

Jose Arnal, Executive Producer, La Doble A

Adrian Aspani, Executive Producer, La Doble A

Marco Piloso, Producer, La Doble A

Daniel Ortega, Photography Director, La Doble A

Sebastian Mega, Editor, La Doble A

Luis Staffolani, Post Coordinator, La Doble A

Italians Do It Better Italians Do It Better, Music Band, Italians do it better

Porta Studio Porta Studio, Sound Mix, Porta Studio

Romina Martinez Battista, Advertiser Supervisor, Movistar