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Relationship Building / CRM

Keeping the customers you have is already tough. Increasing their loyalty is another thing altogether. But that’s what CRM is all about - building and managing customer relationships. This category is for the best examples of how mobile can be the cornerstone to those relationships.


Rafael Urenha, General Creative Director, DPZ&T

Carlos Schleder, Executive Creative Director, DPZ&T

Sergio Mugnaini, Executive Creative Director, DPZ&T

Daniel Motta, Creative Director, DPZ&T

Rodrigo Vezza, Creative Director, DPZ&T

Daniel Mattos, Creative, DPZ&T

Luciano Fonseca, Creative, DPZ&T

Tiago Zanatta, Creative, DPZ&T

Alex Rutman, Creative, DPZ&T

Daniel Jotta, Account, DPZ&T

Eduardo Brunoro, Account, DPZ&T

Martin Barrios, Account, DPZ&T

Mariana Magalhaes, Account, DPZ&T

Bruna Rocha, Account, DPZ&T

Dan Gertsacov, Approval Client, Arcos Dorados ComÃÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,ƒÃƒ,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒ,Ã,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,Â

Elizabeth Porth, Approval Client, Arcos Dorados ComÃÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,ƒÃƒ,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒ,Ã,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,Â

Guilherme Coe, Approval Client, Arcos Dorados ComÃÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,ƒÃƒ,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒ,Ã,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,Â

Roberto Gnypek, Approval Client, Arcos Dorados ComÃÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,ƒÃƒ,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒ,Ã,Ã,Ã,ƒÃƒÃ,ƒÃ,Ã,Â

Paulo Ilha, Media, DPZ&T

Rodrigo Tamer, Media, DPZ&T

Edera Bonato, Media, DPZ&T

Bruno Sabor, Media, DPZ&T

Julia Duarte, Media, DPZ&T

Marcos Yamamura, Projects, DPZ&T

Luiz Felipe Rodriguez, Projects, DPZ&T

Luego , Web Development, Luego

Guido Sarti, B.I., DPZ&T

Etienne Mitsuuchi, B.I., DPZ&T

Ducha Lopes, RTVC, DPZ&T

Karen Nakamura, RTVC, DPZ&T

Trust Filmes , Image Producer, Trust Filmes

Luis Zutin, Directing, Trust Filmes

Victor Brandao, Production Team, Trust Filmes

Larissa Fernandes, Production Team, Trust Filmes

Simone Oliveri, Production Team, Trust Filmes

Deocleciano Junior, Executive Producer, Trust Filmes

Alex Leonardo, Production Director, Trust Filmes

Mauricio Olivieri, Production Director, Trust Filmes

Deocleciano Junior, Production Director, Trust Filmes

Eric Ruiz, Director of Photography (Producer), Trust Filmes

Andre Germaniani, Editing, Trust Filmes

Leandro Torres, Editing, Trust Filmes

Eric Ruiz, Editing, Trust Filmes

Trust Filmes, Post Production Coordinator, Trust Filmes

Andre Germaniani, Final Artwork, Trust Filmes

Trust Filmes, Post Production, Trust Filmes

Lucha Libre Audio, Sound Producer, Lucha Libre Audio

Paulo Corcione, Soundtrack, Lucha Libre Audio

Lucha Team , Soundtrack, Lucha Libre Audio

Thais Urenha, Account (Sound Producer), Lucha Libre Audio

Marcos Moura, Graphic Production Directing, DPZ&T

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